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Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Is Leading The 2018 Holy Land Tour

The 2018 Holy Land Tour comes with much more excitement than the previous edition. This year, we are humbled to host Pastor Chris and his spiritual crew at the helm of Israel. That’s right; the faithful man of God will be coming to the 2018 Holy Land Tour! We are privileged to host all the four tours simultaneously – First Timer Pilgrim Tour, First Timer Comprehensive Tour, Second Timer Comprehensive Tour, Third Timer Comprehensive Tour. The events, usually secluded to one particular tour, will be merged to the rest of the tours for a fruitful complete interaction with the faithful Man of God, Pastor Chris.



In the last tour, we had 9 days of fellowship; this years’ event coordination will be a little different. The merger will comprise of 11 days of exclusive interaction, 2 days longer than the previous. The two added days have been set aside for a new program, Higher Life Israel Program with Pastor Chris. This is the first ever of its kind. The tours are set to take place between 10th and 18th of May 2018.



All the four tours combined in this program will come with a set of already planned activities that will ensure full engagement and a life changing experience with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Renowned gospel artists are set to make way to the event to drive the worship program Expect guests such as Sinach and Martin PK plus much more at the worship center. The second timer comprehensive tourists will enjoy a wonderful experience in the Holy city while the third timer comprehensive tourists will spend three days in Jordan visiting Biblical sites and the city of Petra. Special ministrations are set to take place in the 9-day duration for all the tours in the program. These include communion at the Garden Tomb and worship at the Sea of Galilee with the Man of God. Get engaged in deep spiritual commitment and experience the power of worship. Meet amazing congregations and interact on a whole new level with the dear ones new in your life; an environment that will breathe new life to your current one and rejuvenate your soul.



Chris Oyakhilome will be accompanied by the Believers Love World (BLW) crew of which he is the President. Spiritual heads from within Israel will also be present for the entire 9 days and 8 nights scheduled for the event. This comes at a very critical time for Israel, with a lot of spiritual activities going on to commemorate Biblical events, and at a time when the US has just set its Embassy in Jerusalem. Also, Israel will be celebrating 70 years of independence; what a special time for the Holy City.



Guests will enjoy full pleasure of mass engagements and nights of commemoration and self-reflection, taking full advantage of the presence of powerful Christian Ministers. In these interactions, get to know Pastor Chris in a personal level. Let yourself into his shoes and feel his passion in spiritual works as seen from across the globe. This year’s event is surely unique in its own way and is tipped to become perhaps the greatest Christian Tour involvement in 2018. With the highlights aforementioned, the tour promises spiritual fulfillment to all its participants. It’s an unforgettable experience that will guide you to a new age of praise. Walk where Jesus walked and explore the ancient sculptures that depict His struggles.



During the tour the word will be Spread, and thus more people will be brought to witness God’s blessing on Earth, and in this enrich your life with great praise in the presence of amazing people. The tour will most certainly shine more light on the visitors and their loved ones and grant them peace to tackle on the rest of the year.